Last month I shared the concept that Someday isn’t a day of the week and the value of one minute at a time.

The idea of time and how we are all equal in it. None of us knows if we are going to be here tomorrow or not. However, often times we do not respect the value of one minute and being in the now – today.

I found another piece, a beautiful pledge if you will, with a reminder of being in the now, today, that I wanted to share with you.

This is Today

Today is here. I will begin with a smile and resolve to be agreeable. I will not criticize. I refuse to waste the valuable time Spirit has given me. 

Today has one thing in which I know I am equal with others – time. All of us draw the same salary in seconds, minutes and hours. 

Today I will not waste my time, because the time I wasted yesterday is lost as a vanished thought. 

Today I refuse to spend time worrying about what might happen. I am going to spend my time making things happen. 

Today I am determined to study to improve myself, for tomorrow I may be needed.

Today I begin by doing, and not wasting my time. In one week I will be miles beyond the person I am today. 

Today I will not imagine what I would do if things were different. They are not different. I will make a success with what material I have. 

Today I will stop saying, “If I had time for…”  I never will find time for anything. If I want time, I must make it. 

Today I will act toward other people as though this may be my last day on earth. I will not wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. 

If you are one of those people who finds yourself saying, “ I just need more time,” or “Tomorrow I will get to that,” perhaps putting off time to be the person you want to be, need to be, care to be 

I support you in not waiting until tomorrow to be the person you want to be.

BE that person today!



Walking through town the other day I saw this quote in the window. “There are 7 days in a week and SOMEDAY isn’t one of them.” There is definitely truth in that statement for me.

One thing we all have in common , whether we are healthy or sick, young or old, is time. Yes, time. One minute at a time.

For some reason those of us who are young, healthy or just going along in life on the surface often think we have time. The idea that someday I will get to that can be our worst enemy.

It isn’t until one gets a diagnosis of a devastating illness or hears of a friend or loved one dying that we pause and consider what if that someday, tomorrow never comes.

That is one of the gifts that comes from a diagnosis or the effects of loss. It is a wake-up call. A call to be in the NOW, to say what you need to say, love those that you want to love and be the person you want to be.

I share the concept of writing your own obituary in my book, Clarity Wisdom Harmony. Suggesting that after you read over what you have written about the person you are and the life you lived to date it is important to ask yourself if that is the way you wish to be remembered.

Would you want anything to be different? If so then get going. Start today!

I found a quote I want to share with you that I read from time to time and share with clients, friends and family.

In Touch with the Human Spirit.

There are only two numbers of importance to me: The number “1,440” and the number “1”. 

1,440 is the number of minutes we have each day. This is a generous allotment of time to work to the fullest, with yet plenty of time left over to rest, to love, to appreciate life’s many gifts, and most important, to simply give to others. With all of these minutes, there is no need to rush exceedingly or to preoccupy oneself with being 5, 10, or 15 minutes too early or too late. We do have time!!

The number 1 is the one lifetime each of us has to make the most of, to make meaningful, and to make credit to oneself by whatever standards each holds most dear. 

I do not preoccupy myself, therefore, with the arbitrary timeframes of hours, weeks, months or years. One glorious day at a time (with its 1,440 minutes) and one special lifetime are my timeframes.  

Eli Goodman

So here’s to remembering “There are 7 days in a week and SOMEDAY isn’t one of them.”





What is a Pink Moon ?

Pink Moon
I love the full moon, I am at the top of my game on a full moon. I am told I was born at high noon on a full moon so perhaps that is why I always find myself interested in the different phases and names of the moon each month.

This month on April 4th it is what they call a Pink Moon.

When I mentioned this to a client the other day she said it reminded her of a song by Nick Drake, Pink Moon. So I got on the web and found the link if you like to listen to in the spirit of the Pink Moon.

I wasn’t sure what that meant, Pink Moon, or how it got that name so I googled, “What does Pink Moon mean ?”

(What did we do before Google?)

Here’s a bit of what I found out;

April’s Full Moon, Full Pink Moon, heralds the appearance of the moss pink, or wild ground phlox—one of the first spring flowers. It is also known as the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and the Fish Moon. (Farmers

Full Moon names have been used by many cultures to describe the full moon throughout the year. Specifically, Native American tribes used moon phases and cycles to keep track of the seasons by giving a distinctive name to each recurring full moon, including the Pink Moon. The unique full moon names were used to identify the entire month during which each occurred.

Although many Native American tribes gave distinct names to the full moon, the most well known full moon names come from the Algonquin tribes who lived in the area of New England and westward to Lake Superior. The Algonquin tribes had perhaps the greatest effect on the early European settlers in America, and the settlers adopted the Native American habit of naming the full moons. (

Wishing you blessing this Pink Moon

Love ~ Light Cheyenne


Laugh Yourself to a Healthier You!

When is the last time you laughed until tears ran down your cheeks?

You know, that laugh-yourself-silly feeling like when you were a kid, hysterical over practically nothing.

WebMD invites you to, “Give your body a boost with laughter.” So you might ask, “What’s the big deal anyway?”

Well, when you decide you are going to laugh even if you don’t feel like laughing, you put yourself in the driver’s seat rather than in the back of the bus where your emotions and preprogrammed thinking take over creating energy that is not supportive to your overall health and well-being. You see when we laugh for an extended period of time (15 minutes or more with a deep belly laugh and being silly) it changes us physiologically. It stretches muscles throughout our whole body, not just our face.Our pulse and blood pressure go up as we breathe faster sending more oxygen to our tissues.

My first and most profound story about how laugher supports our overall well-being came to me during my early Polarity training.

My teacher shared the story of Norman Cousins who was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, a painful spine condition. He chose to watch comedies such as the Marx Brothers and episodes of Candid Camera and found it improved his overall well-being.He said that ten minutes of laughter allowed him two hours of pain-free sleep. He went on to be a part of research in California which lead to his book, Anatomy of an Illness as Described by the Patient.

It has been found that Laughing Yoga helps to increase oxygen to the body and brain, boost the immune system, and supports relaxation and sleep. It decreases stress, boredom, anger, frustration, disappointment, and fear, as well as helps individuals cope with physical and mental issues and last but not least, it is free and legal!

So Let’s All Get Laughing!

Create a New Kind of Valentine’s Day!

Giving from the Heart

What if we decided to define Valentine’s Day rather than it defining us/our relationships? How might that change things?

Let’s face it, February 14th gets a whole lot of energy!  Much of it these days is from large companies who have created a day that in the end can cause more heartache than it’s worth for many.

I am sure that if you have not experienced a Valentine’s Day alone then you certainly must know someone who has at some point in time, so you know what I am talking about.

Everything from simply not being in a relationship on February 14th by choice, a break up, a loved one away on business or serving our country, or the loss of that someone special, often creates a great deal of sadness.

I say, “Let’s change it! “

How about we give from our hearts this year? Start a new Vibration!

Let’s give a gift to someone rather than look for a gift from someone and be sure to choose a worthy person- organization that feels right in our hearts. Perhaps this year it’s you.

No more corporate Valentine’s Day, I say!

For example, recently I posted on Facebook and shared with family and friends that I would be collecting shoes and boots of all sizes and styles for Soles4Souls ( check out their mission statement and web site).  

I am always touched by the people who get on board and make it happen. With little effort on my part, I was able to drop off over one hundred pairs of shoes that will make a difference in other people’s lives. Not to mention the bennies of clearing my clutter.

Now I know if you are reading my blog you are most likely one of those people that get what I am saying so make a choice – change the vibration – the intention – the meaning of Valentine’s Day this year. Perhaps share this idea over a cup of tea/coffee with a friend, at work or social gathering. You never know who is listening that it might help change the way their Valentine’s Day goes this year.

Create your own tradition! Stop the sadness, Stop the madness! Stop the heartache I say!

Try it this year…

“To give is to receive.”

“What goes around comes around.”

My wish for you this Valentine’s Day,

“May your kindness return to you tenfold. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love ~ Light Cheyenne

Blessing to you and yours.

January. The beginning of a new year.  What does that mean anyway?

Well for some it’s all about New Year’s resolutions, making goals – bettering themselves, etc.

For others they are so happy that the previous year is over. You might hear them saying, “I am so glad 2014 is over! 2015 has to be better.”

Well I say, it’s all up to you! It’s not what 2015 or any new year brings you. It’s up to you! You read that right, it’s all up to you. We all get to choose how we hold what comes our way.

Is the glass half empty? Or is it half full?

No matter what cards we are dealt, we have only one thing we are in control of and that is how we think about it. What we do with it.

If it seems like it’s half empty perhaps take another look and choose to see it half full.

Note-I said take another look. Why, you might ask, if things are not so good in the moment would one want to look again. Because no matter what, you get to choose how to be with whatever life brings your way.

Here’s a question I pose in my book, Clarity, Wisdom, Harmony. “Do you want the situation to bring out the best in you or the worst in you?” That is the question my friend.

You get to choose. Working with individuals of all ages and stages in life who are dealing with some of the more challenging issues that life can dish out, the one thing that makes the difference in the quality of their life in the end is how they hold it. How they relate to it. What they choose to do with it.

Speaking at colleges as a guest speaker for stress management and personal awareness I always share the concept, “You have to get it between your ears.” Meaning how you think about something is where the power lies.

The idea that we have control of anything is an interesting concept to say the least. I do believe there are two things we are guaranteed in life:  death and change.

In my experience I find most of us are not prepared or do not seem to have the tools to deal well with either.

My wish for you this year is that no matter what life brings your way, you might remember you get to choose how you want to be in it. In the end you will always feel good about and enjoy the way you navigate your journey here on Planet Earth.


You Just Know

Coming Home to Self

Coming Home to Self

You know when you just know.

When that someone or something comes into your life and it feels right, you just know. Well now, that is exactly what happened when my friend LisaBeth introduced me to her friend Catherine Thundercloud Nicholas.

Catherine and I both trained in Polarity Therapy over twenty years ago. And we both work with individuals of all ages and stages to support overall wellness and bring them to a state of gratitude and joy.

Recently, we talked about what our clients, friends and family have been sharing with us.
There never seems to be enough time.
I just want more peace.
I would like to feel like I am making progress.
I need to do something different.

So, it didn’t take long for us chatting over a cup of tea one afternoon at my farmhouse kitchen table to see that we needed to combine forces in creating events to support individuals. Hence, our ‘Coming Home to Self’, a healing and fun-filled day with both Catherine and me was born!

● Shift from indecision to knowing – a safe place to explore ways to stop negating self.
● Be whom you want to be.
● Enhance your relationships – at home, work, and play.
● Stop the patterns that no longer support you.

* A lovely day of enriching your well-being *

● A toning routine – the how, why and expected results therefrom.
● Elemental movements to open and expand your inner light.
● Enjoy and Explore fun ways of breathing with laughing yoga.
● Guided Meditation - integrating the tools of the day into your life.
● Healthy nourishment included for you!

It took off like wild fire and before we knew it we had a beautiful location just outside of Princeton New Jersey for the January 18th, 2015 event. Next we are off to Virginia for February 7th with a March date in the works for a Jersey shore location.  Alaska and the New England states are on the horizon as individuals are contacting us offering to host the event at their home or place of business throughout 2015.

If this sounds like something you’d like to know more about, either to attend or host an event yourself, contact me at, or call me at 610.346.9566. I am happy to discuss with you the possibilities of how we could personalize the event, making it a wonderful experience for you, your friends – family – clients.

Here’s to a Happy, Healthy 2015 and all the times you just know – you know!
Love ~ Light Cheyenne

Gifts of the Heart

With the holidays just around the corner are you like so many others beginning to think about what gift to give a friend, co-worker, family member or special someone? Or perhaps you are quicker to try and not think about it? Either way, my next question is, “What do you think and how do you feel about gift giving?” If you find the idea of gift giving to be stressful and you somehow let it create a strain on your financial budget, you are not alone. My hope is that with a few simple suggestions and a little creativity, you will find yourself less stressed about it this year. I will even go so far as to say I believe if you make the choice, you could be inspired and look forward to the holidays.  Who knows, you might even find yourself excited and feeling the joy of the holidays flow right through you as you open up those creative juices and your energy gets flowing.  The joy of exploring what to give someone as well as the actual act of giving it, could bring a warm fuzzy to your heart. So I imagine you may already be asking yourself, “What is ‘it’ going to be?” Well, now, before you go and get ahead of yourself and start making yourself crazy let’s get pen and paper and make a list of who you choose to gift this year. Notice I said “choose.”  Not ‘have to’ or ‘should’. This is a very important piece. You do get a choice. On a separate piece of paper make a list of things you love to do, things you are good at, things that come easy for you that others might need or want. Perhaps they are not well enough to do it for themselves, they don’t like doing it, they just are not good at it or just don’t have the time due to their schedule. For example you may like to cook, bake, plan a party, even clear out the clutter or sew, work on cars, organize, read, write, edit, help plan a trip, baby sit, pet sit, house sit, drive, lawn clean up, or garden. You get the idea. Now don’t short-change yourself on what talents and gifts you bring to the plate. Your time and energy can be worth much more than a store bought gift at times. Also it’s ok to shop and purchase a gift. Don’t think that you can’t be creative with purchasing a gift. I just recommend you have a budget and stay within it in order to support your overall financial well-being. This will help make it a pleasure to go shopping! Some ways to mix it up is to buy local – give gift cards for services they use or might enjoy. This is great if you are not sure what their taste might be. One of my favorites for those people who have everything and want for nothing is to make a donation to that special person’s charity of choice in their name. I call this a win – win! When I speak on the topic Surviving the Holidays to an older population or those dealing with devastating illness (some who are faced with the reality that they might not be here next year), I often suggest that they may have family heirlooms that could be handed down now while they are still alive to appreciate seeing their loved ones enjoying the item. There’s no stress on their bank account and it insures them that the items they love are with those who could appreciate them. Personally, I have asked my children to give me a memory, meaning for us to spend time together. Quality time is something that money can’t buy and with the passage of time, it only makes it more precious. Remember this way of thinking applies to more than the holidays in the coming months. It also works well for birthdays, anniversaries, and wedding gifts. Gift giving starts in the heart not in the wallet. Anyone who truly loves you does not want you to spend money you don’t have for a gift. Giving a gift that really feels right at all levels removes stress from the holidays, enhances your over all well being and can be fun!


Women’s Wellness Day – Connecting Mind-Body-Spirit!

A few months back I got a call from a lovely woman by the name of Aimee Schmucker. Aimee spoke with a great deal of passion about finding me on the internet and wanting to know more about what I do. She went on to inquire about the possibility of me being available to be involved at some level with a women’s event that her friends, Christine McDonald and Martha Pitcairn were putting together for the fall.

After a few meetings and talking with them about their dream to dedicate a day to reconnecting with your whole and healthy self, a vision to bring a day of wellness and transformation for women in a beautiful location, amazing presenters along with lunch provided, I was in total alignment.

It was an immediate knowing of how I could support their efforts. You see with over twenty-five years in the healing arts, speaking-teaching as well as taking courses and attending such events I have found all too often that there is one pice missing.

What is that you might ask “Little to no integration to support your return to every day life.  How do we achieve that level of peace, harmony, and healing on some level in our every day world.

How do we find the time, for those of you that know me, I am passionate about integration and helping people get clarity and providing simple – concise tools for living. It is the tag line for my book,Clarity Wisdom Harmony. It is what I do.

So my topic for the Keynote for the day is:Being in the Moment – In the Now:Taking It Home with You.! “Holding on to the teachings of the day and integrating  them into your everyday life.”

Rumor has in here there maybe a few tickets left so if you’d like to join us on November 2nd, 2014 for a day to nurture and strengthen your connection to self in the beautiful, inspiring surroundings of the Glencairn Museum in Bryn Athyn, PA I love to see you there.

Note:space is limited so go to my Professional Facebook Page,, click on the event, and register now as the deadline for registering is this Sunday October 25th. Women’s Wellness Day Connecting Mind- Body-Spirit!


Montana Wedding

I was honored once more to be the officiate for a couple’s special day, this time in Big Sky country, cradled by the Rocky Mountains, in the quaint town of Lincoln, Montana.

Mother Nature Provides the Perfect Setting

Mother Nature Provides the Perfect Setting

Shelby Roberson & Caleb Gardner August 2, 2014

Shelby Roberson & Caleb Gardner August 2, 2014

Mr. & Mrs. Caleb Gardner

Mr. & Mrs. Caleb Gardner

Final paper work.

Final paper work.

So honored to be a part of Shelby & Caleb Special Day!

So honored to be a part of Shelby & Caleb Special Day!

Caleb and Shelby began planning their wedding ceremony months in advance communicating with me through video Skype and follow-up phone calls. I then emailed my files on many possibilities for their ceremony to assist them in the process of choosing the words that best expressed their personal beliefs and feelings for one another for their special day. In addition to planning and officiating the ceremony, I also provided counsel with the writing of their vows and choice of songs for the wedding.

Finally the day came, with 200 plus guests in attendance, at the bride’s family home on a beautiful August afternoon, under an amazing Montana sky, with the backdrop of aspen trees, and a slight breeze from the heavens above.  The couple walked down the isle, a carpet of green, declared their love, and made special promises to one another symbolized by the joining of hands, taking of vows, earth weaving, and the giving and receiving of two rings.

“It was truly an honor to be of part of this heartfelt even”