Cheyenne's clients have called her…
the Real Deal… Gifted… Grounded… the Get 'er Done Girl… who hones right in on the Core Issue… by being a Circular Thinker…and she can provide you with a Road Map to find your way.

Cheyenne Mease
Cheyenne Mease
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  • Wish to enhance your life?
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  • Going through a change or looking for something different?
  • Trying to motivate or inspire your office team?
  • Need a third party and a neutral place to be heard with no judgment
    and honest feedback?
  • Do you have a choice to make and just can't get clarity on your own?
  • Are you stuck in the same old same old…relationship, lifestyle, career?
  • Is your creativity lacking?
  • Feeling exhausted, confused, or lost?
  • Having surgery and want to reduce recovery time?
  • Struggling with parenting issues or children's concerns?
  • Have you lost a loved one?

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The majority of Cheyenne's clients come through referrals from other clients, physicians, psychologists, therapists, chiropractors, and even surgeons who find that working with Cheyenne enhances their own healing work with clients. It's simple. Listen to a few client testimonials and see what resonates with you.


Life can be hectic, so Cheyenne makes connecting with her easy for you. She is accessible by phone, video Skype, email, and in person – your site or hers. Some clients even text for guidance and support when they can't get to her home office.


Cheyenne recognizes that the spiritual dimension of life is an integral part of health, healing, and well-being. Why not consider how her complementary energy medicine supports your goals and desires in a painless and supportive environment?

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