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Clarity Wisdom Harmony BookClarity Wisdom Harmony:
Simple and Concise Tools for Living

with foreword by Bernie Siegel, MD
by Cheyenne Mease, respected Energy Healer, Teacher, Speaker and Intuitive Life Advisor.

This easy-read provides a down-to-earth, practical, and concise way to see life with vision and honesty. It gives you the tools to take inventory of your life and begin to live the life you want!

Available online in Paperback, Kindle and Audio editions!

Cheyenne Mease Being in the Moment

Cheyenne's book contains the wisdom of the sages. These are age-old lessons that teach us how to survive and thrive.

Bernie Siegel, MD Author of Faith, Hope & Healing and A Book of Miracles

I can't remember the last time I read a book in one sitting, and then wanted to read it again! Like the Bible, you can go back to gain fresh perspective and wisdom each time you read it. Cheyenne's title delivers on its promise. Her wisdom truly is simple and concise and can enlighten and guide you to become your best self, living your best life.

D. Freeman, RN, BSN, NHA, Sonlight Productions, LLC

Signed and bulk book copies available through Cheyenne directly. Call or for personalized inscriptions or multiple copies for seminars and book clubs. 610.346.9566

Guided Relaxation & Healing, Audio Downloads

Two guided relaxation and healing CDs so you can experience the joy and strength of Cheyenne anytime you are in need.

Being in the Moment Relaxation CDBeing in the Moment:
Letting Go, Healing White Light

This is the first CD developed by Cheyenne straight from her heart. Listening to this enables you to take a break from your busy life and everyday stress and let go, relax and rejuvenate. Being in the Moment makes a great gift for anyone dealing with life's challenges. Once we recieve your payment, we will send you a link to download the audio files.

I've been using Cheyenne's CD for almost a year and it's really made a difference in my life. I use it at night to quiet my mind and fall into a deep sleep. I then sleep peacefully. She really quiets a restless mind! 

Gina Rubel

Evelyn's Way Relaxation CDEvelyn's Way:
You are in Charge

This is the second release named in honor of cancer survivor Evelyn, one woman willing to give Cheyenne the feedback needed to create a CD to support individuals dealing with health issues. Evelyn says, "A diagnosis of a devastating illness is difficult to handle. Cheyenne's CD can be used for support and strength. It is wonderful before treatment, during, or just when you need to be reminded of resources. It will help you trust yourself and your decisions."

Wonderful for pre- or post-operative surgery, during on-going treatments or in the middle of the difficult times when no one is there for support. Give the gift that can provide support when a friend or family member needs it most.

Once we recieve your payment, we will send you a link to download the audio file.

My daughter Chanin gave me 'Evelyn's Way' when I was diagnosed with cancer. I listened to it faithfully every night during both my surgical recovery and chemotherapy treatments. It helped me by calming my anxiety and encouraging me to trust my choices and decisions. I am sincerely grateful for your CD for the gift of many nights of peaceful, healing sleep. I have suggested it to friends at Gilda's Club.

Karen Walsh