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Enjoy a safe, neutral space for getting the clarity needed to resolve issues related to inter-corporate workings. If you're looking for a more private and personal alternative to the in-house human resources department, Cheyenne's independent practice allows for complete disclosure without the fear of possible repercussion.


As a moderator, Cheyenne keeps a meeting on task and all parties held equally accountable. She enables your organization to move past old patterns and habits and into a more supportive and productive direction. The benefits affect everyone from employees, to teams, to the company as a whole. It is an investment worth making.


For in-service and continuing education programs, Cheyenne brings such topics as Leave Work at Work and Home at Home, and When it Works for You it Works for the Association. Click here to see the Topics listings.


Caregivers and practitioners can benefit from Cheyenne's constructive feedback on technique and methodologies within their own private practice. Case-study analysis is available for individuals working in healthcare and complementary medicine.


Cheyenne offers the opportunity to personalize a program to meet your need. For more on this, contact Cheyenne. Click, call or . Your choice!
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Professional Success
I really like your style as facilitator. You did a fantastic job of keeping people engaged and lightening the mood when needed. I especially appreciated your emphasis on getting to concrete next steps and being responsible for all of the items on the agenda – even if that meant having to schedule another meeting.

Kathleen Welsh Beveridge, President, Spark Nonprofit Consulting, LLC Spark Nonprofit Consulting, LLC

The services offered by Cheyenne have helped educate me professionally and personally, and have offered me the ability to achieve work-life harmony.

L. Powers, Vice President of Marketing, Furia Rubel Communications, Inc.