Feedback from Cheyenne's Clients

Please enjoy the following personal testimonials sent to me by former and current clients. My hope is that by reading about the work we have done together and how it has helped in their lives it will help you have a better idea of how a session with me can support you.
Cheyenne Mease

An awesome complement to western medicine and a great way to harmonize with your own life.

JoAnn Burke, D.O.

I have to tell you that I was utterly stressed and exhausted yesterday until about 5 pm and all of a sudden my whole mood changed and I felt great. Yesterday's long distance healing session was absolutely helpful and I definitely got the energy work you did for me. Thank you.


Both my children and I have been enjoying sessions with Cheyenne–what she sometimes refers to as a tune-up–for over ten years. We look forward to her peaceful, uplifting, positive perspective on life's daily challenges. Thank-you for sharing your God-given gift.

Kim Castagne

Using her intuition and ability to sense messages from the universe, Cheyenne communicates wisdom in a caring, loving manner, thereby allowing me to accept truths and possibilities. Simply put, she enlarges the scope of my understanding.


I've just finished my sixth day of chemo and will start to get my stem cells back today. I accept any and all healing you can do for me remotely at this time. I believe and trust in the healing you do. I can't wait to see you in person when this is all over. Love and light to you as well.


Since I've started working with Cheyenne, there are no more coincidences in my life. Events seem so much clearer. New business has come because it is supposed to. Dead weight is being lifted. I'm seeing things that I've never seen before.

Gina, CEO

I am a professor at a local community college, teaching Psychology of Personal Awareness and Stress Management. I use Cheyenne's CDs every semester as part of my curriculum. Both CDs are perfect tools to facilitate experiential learning. In the classroom, students are introduced to the use of guided imagery as a relaxation technique. Many students borrow her recordings for personal use, and in some cases, have used them to complete special projects related to developing personal awareness. Students report that in-class listening has affected them positively on many different levels. As a result of their exposure to her work, many are using her CDs to relax as well as to meet the challenges of their busy lives.

Aurora Hill, Ph.D.

I feel Cheyenne is an excellent teacher. Her students enjoy her classes and return again and again. She is a person of integrity and is an asset to any place she teaches.

Diane Alex, Cloud Hands Healing Arts Center

Cheyenne is a gifted Polarity Therapist who has worked with many of my most difficult patients. She is extremely personable and rapidly gains the trust and confidence of her clients.

Stuart H. Freedenfeld, MD, Stockton Family Practice

I thought my sports career was over prematurely. After trying all the medical community had to offer me with no real hope of ever playing ball again, I heard about your work. Cheyenne, I am happy to say I had my best season of my life after the work we did together. I can't explain it. I just know it works. You can count on my referrals.

Speaking of referrals, you worked with my teammate when the doctors said he couldn't play ball and would need surgery. After seeing you, he was able to attend tryouts and made the cut for a major league team. Amazing!


Before or after a game, I find a session with Cheyenne, to be an advantage. Having my head in the game is just as important as my body being physically balanced or as Cheyenne might say, "fine tuned.. There was a marked improvement in my overall season. Thanks.


Thank you for your absolutely wonderful space clearing at my beautiful apartments. My new tenant moved in and she is filled with joy. I am incredibly grateful for your help. You have magic in your hands. I couldn't have asked for a better result. It took less than 24 hours to find a tenant after you cleared the energy. Thank you again, you wonderful woman.


I was going through a terrible divorce, and the last thing to settle was the sale of the house. We put the house up for sale and it was on the market forever! My husband (now ex) would not agree to any offer and would try to destroy the inside as best as he could to prevent a sale. As I had nowhere to go until the house was sold. It was a real nightmare. A friend of mine told me about Cheyenne, that she could come in and clear the negativity out of the house so that it could sell! Knowing my husband and how mean and nasty he was, I would try anything at this point. So Cheyenne came to my house when he wasn't there and cleared my home and all of the property also. My husband came home smiling as thow he was up to something nasty again. He said hello and that was it! Two days later his lawyer called my lawyer and said my husband had a deal for me. He ended up buying me out with more than my half would be. We went to his lawyers to sign the deal, and after, he offered to take me out to lunch!!!!!!

There was truly no hope for me and I was skeptical about this clearing, but Cheyenne - you truly made a believer out of me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Nancy Wipplinger

We were married on a beautiful day in June. This was our second wedding and we wanted it to be OURS. It was very intimate and Cheyenne helped us create a ceremony that we wrote from our hearts. Cheyenne offered us many ideas on how we could express our love without doing the old standard ceremony and helped us tune in to the beautiful surroundings, nature, our few selected guests, and most of all our deep love and respect for each other. She truly is a gem and I would recommend her to anyone to officiate their nuptials. No matter what your beliefs or your religion, Cheyenne will bring in the spirituality of your magical day and make it your own. Thank you Cheyenne for making our special day extraordinary.

Robyn and Steven Colajezzi

Cheyenne's book, Clarity Wisdom Harmony: Simple and Concise Tools for Living, is a gem! It's thoughtful and lovingly written, chock full of common sense.

Pam C. Swallow

I began reading this morning and had to let you know I feel your heartbeat in every line, on every page! Cheyenne I cannot wait to continue reading but seriously wanted to applaud you for baring your soul and sharing your story, along with your teachings and insights! You are an inspiration and a person I sincerely admire!

May the book propel you into a new phase of success and joy in your life. I am thrilled that our paths not only intersected but have entwined. Thank you my friend and many heartfelt congratulations!


I finished your wonderful book! What excellent information you have provided! That book is seriously going to take off like crazy! In fact, I was walking with a good friend on Friday and she said she was reading a book that said you should only spend time with friends that were dry wood! HAHA! I laughed so hard and told her I was reading your book too! You gave some great tips and people will be able to handle life's problems a lot easier with what you have written, Cheyenne. It's brilliant!


Cheyenne's book contains the wisdom of the sages. These are age-old lessons that teach us how to survive and thrive.

Bernie Siegel, MD

Just wanted to drop a line and share with you that I could not put your book down last night! I'm embarrassed to say I'm not much of a reader, I may page through a magazine at night...that usually puts me to sleep quickly. Last night was different. I was not satisfied until I finished. I got up this morning with a headache (I never get them) from my reading glasses...on my list to do is an eye exam...HA! I then read the back cover and had to chuckle...I did read the entire book and truly LOVED IT! Notes to Self is Great.... this is a book that you will turn to again and again!

It truly is a great feeling when your heart is filled with JOY! Thanks for sharing All of yourself to help others.


Cheyenne's CD has proven to be of great value to me. I put the CD on when I need to relax and unwind. Within a short time I am taking a wonderful journey with her guidance and soothing background music. I am able to picture in my mind the images she suggests and within minutes I am in a state of peaceful meditation. I wake up feeling lighter of spirit and I am more peaceful throughout the day. When I use her CD in the evening I have a more restful sleep. I highly recommend this CD to anyone who is on a quest for more enlightenment and tranquility. Cheyenne has provided a tool that is a gift to us all.

Diane Slocum

I use Cheyenne's CD, Being in the Moment, when I feel out of sorts. The time spent allows me to "let go" of things that are bothering me. I always feel more relaxed and energized following a listening session.


I'm using the CD with Erik, my three-year-old son. He was still waking up several times a night, so last night I played Being in the Moment and he slept like a rock. FINALLY!


As I was sitting in the waiting room during my mother's surgery, your soothing voice told me to trust the doctors and that things were working as they should. The messages on your CD Evelyn's Way were exactly what I needed to hear to get me though those tense hours of waiting. Thank you so much for creating something with such profound power.

Chanin Walsh